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Alicia N Keys


Do you enjoy deep pressure while still being able to fully relax? Do you enjoy longer massage sessions? Than you’ll love me! I am dedicated to nurturing and promoting healing and balance for my clients. I provide a nurturing, firm, relaxing, effective massage.  Finally you can reduce/remove your pain and stress! We’ll work together to bring you to balance and ultimate health! 

 I provide Swedish Fusion Massage (a combination of Swedish, Chinese and Thai massage), Tui-Na (Chinese Massage), Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Spa Treatments, and Cupping w moving cups!

 When I give a full body massage it’s a true full body massage, no skipping the gluts, abs or quads., with plenty of stretching. I use all natural products including High quality pure essential oils in all my massage oils & spa treatments to enhance your enjoyment & results.

 I never rush and take time to find out the clients wants & needs and supply them for client to the best of my ability, giving you your entire appointment time on your lovely therapeutic massage. My top priority is helping you heal, feel better, and relax and if your not happy w your massage let me know & I will not charge you.

Massage Treatments

Swedish Fusion Massage (Therapeutic/Relaxation)                                                 

 Swedish massage is the style that most westerners traditionally think of when they think of a nice relaxing massage. It involves various, typically long soothing massage strokes and stretching. I Incorporate many of my Tui-Na (below) & Thai Yoga stretching techniques into my Swedish fusion massages for optimal results

Tui-na (Chinese Massage)

Tui-Na Chinese massage uses a verity of massage strokes w/ stretching and gentle traction along meridians (energy lines inside the body) and acupressure points, helping to move and activate stagnant energy causing you pain & discomfort. Tui-Na uses both the element and Yin/Yang theories to guide the practitioner on which meridians to work for healing and well-being of the client.

 Deep Tissue Massage (Deeply Therapeutic)                 

 As the name suggests goes deep into the muscle tissue, is extremely therapeutic & help you become pain free. Similar to Swedish fusion, but a little slower, typically firmer pressure, and has more stretching than of my other massages. As w/ my Swedish Fusion massage I use some Tui-Na w acupressure points & Thai Yoga stretches for optimal results.

Hot Stone Massage  (Luxurious/Therapeutic)      

 I use various sizes of hot stones that will melt into your muscles. I use mostly moving stones with a few stationary stones on the sacrum and between the toes if desired. Hot stone Massage is very relaxing, very therapeutic & the most luxurious of all my massages. Due to the heat of the stones I’m able to go extra deep into the muscles for relief of those sore achy muscles.

Cupping  w Running Cups (Deeply Healing)  

  Lubricant is applied to a broad area just as in a regular massage, a cup is adhered to the body, and then moved around without breaking the seal, for a uniquely therapeutic massage. The cups performs cross fiber, deep tissue and effleurage massage and is known for its ability to break up localized stagnation & draw toxins up to the surface making it easier for the body to remove them. Cupping is reputed to: •Loosen Fascia • Drain excess fluids and toxins • Loosen adhesions • Lift connective tissue • Enhance circulation in stagnant musculature and fascia & stimulate he peripheral nervous system.
I personally use the cups mostly on your torso and perform Swedish Fusion Massage on the rest of your body. Cupping does require a smooth surface, so if you have a fair amount of hair I suggest shaving first.

Services Swedish Fusion Massage (Therapeutic/Relaxation)Tui-na (Chinese Massage) Deep Tissue Massage (Deeply Therapeutic) ♦ Hot Stone Massage (Luxurious/Therapeutic) ♦ Cupping  w Running Cups (Deeply Healing)

Swedish Fusion Massage –  1 1/2 HRS $120     2 HRS $145        2 1/2 HRS $175       3 HRS $210    

 Deep Tissue Massage    –   1 1/2 HRS $130     2 HRS $155        2 1/2 HRS $185       3 HRS $215  

 Hot Stone Massage       –   1 1/2 HRS $135     2 HRS $155        2 1/2 HRS $185       3 HRS $235  

 Cupping  w Running Cups – 1 HR $85    1 1/2 HRS $120   2 HRS $160   2 1/2 HRS  $185   3 HRS $215 

Phone (503) 384-9321

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