Alyx Walker: M.S. in Mental Health Counseling, Specialty in Crisis & Trauma, LPC Intern

Alyx Walker


This is one of my strongest beliefs: Increasing one’s level of self-awareness can fuel personal empowerment and contribute to a happier, healthier, more fulfilling life.

Through working with a skilled and compassionate therapist, people can discover their strengths, goals and potential. They also explore what holds them back from living a whole and healthy life.

I would be honored to collaborate with you in that process.


Counseling is a collaboration, the strength of which is determined by the rapport between the counselor and client. That relationship helps fuel the growth process. I’m dedicated to helping clients gain insight and awareness as they come to better understand where they are, where they came from and where they would like to go. I practice with practicality, perspective and humor.

I treat a variety of mental health issues using a broad range of clinical interventions including CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), attachment theory and motivational interviewing. I use a family systems and strengths-based approach, and adapt theories to each individual’s circumstances.

I offer a free half-hour consultation. This time gives you a chance to meet me and get a feeling for how I work. It gives me a chance to find out more about you, the challenges you are dealing with and the direction you would like to take in counseling.

Services Relationship Issues ♦ Anxiety & Depression ♦ Self-Esteem ♦ Stress Reduction ♦ Anger Management ♦ Trauma ♦ Conflict Resolution ♦ Work & Career ♦ Grief & Loss ♦ Family-of-Origin ♦ Addiction & Recovery
Rates 75/HR
Free half-hour initial consultation.
(Hardship cases also considered)
Phone 971-724-0216

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