Aumkara Newhouse, MSc, Licensed Massage Therapist

Aumkara Newhouse


I believe that our Birthright is Strength, Flexibility and Pain-free. My practice is centered in facilitating organ function, muscle tone and structural alignment and stimulating our body’s inborn healing power.
I can help prevent unneeded surgery and relieve many kinds of pain: shoulder pain, rotator cuff, knee/hip pain or replacement, gall bladder pain, etc.) via acupressure, structural bodywork, foot reflexology and with the help of bio modulator.

The basis of my practice – a combination of 4 methodologies:
Myotonic Facilitation of strong, flexible and pain-free muscles. Structural Integration facilitating freedom in the body – making gravity your alley where one force on the front of the body is transferred through the fascia to the back of the body. CranioSacral Therapy – facilitating your Inner Physician by strengthening the Cerebral Spinal Fluid pulse. Tennant Therapy – increasing the voltage at acupressure points.
All of these in combination result in ease of movement with less pain. More enjoyment of life with optimal motion freedom is a new experience for many people.

The age range of my clients is 8 to 80 with athletes, computer programmers, construction workers, executives, musicians, attorneys, and school children. My life experience as a professional engineer, vegetarian cook, musician and meditation /yoga instructor help me to empathize with my clients as I have walked in similar shoes to theirs.

When not doing Body Work or Researching Body Work, I do Ananda Yoga, Meditate, Sing in Choir, Swim, Run and Bike. Occasionally I write and publish poetry.

Services Meridian Charging Therapy ♦ CranioSacral Therapy ♦ Foot Reflexology ♦
Divine Will Healing

Meridian Charging Therapy, CranioSacral Therapy, Reflexology, Divine Will Healing (Reiki on Steroids)  –  $65 per 60 minutes.
Biomodulator, Acupressure point, non contact stimulator/Curador, essential oils can be added to any session for $20.

Phone 916-524-7470

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