Awareness Through Movement

Awareness through movement

The Feldenkrais Method consists of two forms. Awareness Through Movement (class), and Functional Integration (private sessions). The method uses a wide variety of techniques for the purpose of improving movement and function. It is a cutting edge approach that is consistent with the latest findings in neuroscience and neuroplasticity.
Please come to experience this innovative method designed to improve your movement. The lessons are easy and appropriate for all ages and abilities. Just wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket and a towel (for head support).

Instructor John Crawford MPH, GCFP
Class Schedule
Wednesday 5:15pm-6:15pm
Wednesday 6:30pm-7:30pm
Rates 1st Class Free, Drop in $12, Monthly $10 (per session)
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Tai Chi Moving for Better Balance

Tai Chi class An eight part Tai Chi program designed for seniors to enhance body awareness, better balance, mindful agility and good memory. It is a safe, gentle exercise program designed to bring mind and body into harmony. Using fluid, slow movements, students will learn to breathe deeply, to move more smoothly with awareness, and to develop a keener sense of balance.

Instructor Jim Dalton, Tai Chi/QiGong/Meditation Teacher
Class Schedule
Thursday 10:00am-11:00am
Rates $12 drop-in; $100- ten class package
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Traditional Wu Hao Tai Chi

Traditional Wu Hao Tai ChiTai chi chuan (taijiquan) is a slow, meditative, and relaxing exercise, as well as internal martial arts, with a long history in Chinese culture. People of all ages have practiced tai chi to gain better health, improve mindfulness, develop internal energy (chi), and reduce stress.

With each session, we will practice:
• Listening to your body and using your yi (intent) to guide every movement
• Cultivating energy through the conscious letting go of tension
• Sharpening your whole being by training your mind and body to work as one

Each student is guided to develop the body, mind, and intellect through the careful study of each physical movement of the forms, as well as the knowledge and application of the tai chi principles and theories.
We will study the traditional Wu Hao Tai Chi, one of the five major traditional styles (Chen, Yang, Wu Hao, Wu, and Sun) recognized worldwide. The Wu Hao system consists of a series of bare-hand forms, weapon forms, two-person pushhands sets, and tai chi theories.
Wu Hao Tai Chi is distinct for its compact movement and agile footwork. Its higher stances are easier on the joints. Suitable for all ages.

Instructor Kathryn Wong, Certified Tai Chi Instructor
Class Schedule
Tuesday 5:45pm-6:30pm
Thursday 5:45pm-6:30pm
Rates First class FREE; first month $40 unlimited classes; $40 monthly (once a week) or $70 monthly (twice a week); $12 drop-in.
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