Portland Post Covid Support Group: Being On The Other Side

November 1, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Donations are optional
Steve Stephens


Covid Support Group picture
A positive outlet to channel ones experiences (past and present) of going through and coping with Covid and our daily lives.
Mending, Recovered and Long Haulers…The ripple effects of Covid go well beyond Covid itself.
– Mind and Body
– Places
– Person in the mirror
– People
“Pause your mind” (R) we “Exclude No One” for we are everyone. The support group is 50 minutes long and the format is as follows.
– Breathing & Meditation (Ebb & Flow Breathing Technique)
– Keynote speaker
– Group share
– Group consciousness

Details Of Monday, July 26th meeting:

We are going to go through a breathing exercise, and then go right into a support format of:
– a guest speaker
– group discussion
– group consciousness
Being that this is a first class of its kind.. We will make changes for and by the group at the end of the first class… It is key that we make the environment comfortable, and welcoming. This is a connective outlet for who we are and what we need to do to heal our mind and body.

Donations are optional.
See you on Monday at 6.