Cly Fit: Active Mindfulness® (All Levels)

February 1, 2021 @ 9:15 am – 10:00 am
First Time - Free Drop In – $10
Steve Stephens

Steve Stephens

Cly Fit: Active Mindfulness®: This class can be taken by anyone. Incorporating a unique mix of mindfulness and physical endurance, Cly Fit is an unparalleled infusion of the senses (sight, sound, and touch), activating both mind and body with the goal and practice of Active Mindfulness ®.

By using slow, methodical movements, we not only create body sense awareness, but also focus on the movements of the ligaments and joints. Do not be fooled however, this is a workout.

Our minds race and ramble through the day causing stress, clutter, and instability. With Cly Fit we get you to “Pause your mind and take a voyage” ®. Cly Fit was created to challenge your mind and body, but also to ease them. 


What sets this practice apart from others?


Cly Stik®
Voyage Mat®
Voyage Beats®

These three components are used to easily guide you through a journey of self and achieve active mindfulness. The slow movements are controlled using the Cly Stik, which directs focus, vision, and balance, while the Cly Mat creates the space and a helpful guide for the movements. Finally, Voyage Beats are original frequency-based compositions that take you out of your head, and into the voyage.

The class length is 45 in length