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Heartfulness is a simple and natural path of heart-centered wellness that fosters balance, peace and wellbeing. The practice includes a relaxation exercise and a
Heartfulness meditation. This approach to wellness centers on using the heart to guide us on our journey to personal development and inner enrichment. By focusing our attention on the heart, we gradually learn to regulate the mind while exploring the secrets of the heart. With continued practice, Heartfulness can enable us to reach profound depths of meditation and achieve inner transformation.

While much has been said about the power of the mind, purifying the heart empowers us with the guiding principles essential in our worldly lives. The training in Heartfulness meditation specifically takes the focus and attention from our minds to our hearts. We feel a relief from stress and anxiety as we begin to experience life through the serenity of our hearts. As we delve deeper, we develop an extraordinary intuition that gives us the clarity to make more efficient decisions in life.

Heartfulness meditation is offered free of charge through the Heartfulness Institute, a global non-profit organization with the mission of uplifting the hearts of the communities that we serve. Heartfulness welcomes seekers from all secular and faith backgrounds to experience and incorporate this practice into their wellness and personal enrichment program.

Services  Meditation, Relaxation, Raja Yoga, Spirituality
Rates FREE
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