Lisa Matejka, ND, MS: Naturopathic Physician, Energy Worker



Naturopathic services offered include dietary guidance, exercise regimens, mind body medicine technique suggestions and other lifestyle modifications, botanical medicine, homeopathy and nutritional supplementation. I offer referrals for other helpful modalities such as acupuncture/Chinese Medicine, intravenous therapy, counseling and other mental/emotional health help, shamanism, global ceremony and other spiritual healing beyond myself. In addition, I offer Reiki, tuning fork treatment and ritual healing with more modalities coming soon! Treatment plans can be “coordinated care” with your other healthcare professionals or stand-alone if you so choose. They may help alleviate side effects of conventional treatment, increase the efficacy of conventional treatment, or be used in place of conventional treatment if you choose to decline conventional treatment. I offer a team-based approach with compassionate heart, open ears, open mind and a steadfast spirit. 


Note:  Energy Work is offered to those with or without a cancer diagnosis.

I believe New Moon Cancer Care to be the bridge between evidence-based/naturopathic medicine and energy work/light worker modalities.  The New Moon is a powerful time of new beginnings, change, and unseen potential. Those with a cancer diagnosis face a very challenging time, where nothing seems what it once was. Like the New Moon growing in its perceived light and power, I hope to offer the guidance, tools and support to nurture one’s own healing potential, and watch the light grow while the unwanted/unneeded wanes away.

Services Naturopathic Medicine, Cancer Specialty ♦ Can Do House Calls ♦  Usui Reiki Healing, Solfeggio Frequency Tuning Fork Sessions  
Rates Naturopathic Medicine:  New patient visit: $255 for 2.5 hours.

                                            Follow-up visit: $125 for 75 minutes.

Energy Work: $66 for 60 minutes. $99 for 90 minutes.  $120 for 120 minutes.

To see if Dr. Matejka is a harmonious match for you, free 15 minute phone consultations are offered.

Phone 971-319-0410

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