Melinda Norman, LPC, Reiki MT

Melinda Norman


I provide mental health counseling and energy healing with primary focuses on generational trauma, narcissistic abuse, abandonment, highly sensitive children, and spiritual development.

My approach to therapy focuses on developing and strengthening your authentic self by recognizing and detaching from the use of your ego identity.  I emphasize and teach the importance of archetypal shadow work, present moment living, and purifying your intent behind every action to reflect this authentic self.  Through this process you will find that you experience a life of greater joy and freedom as you are no longer living within the limitations that have been created for you through a lifetime of societal indoctrination or experienced traumas.

Services  Reiki Healing ♦ Past Life Regression ♦ Childhood Regression ♦ Spirit Guide Connection ♦ Chakra Healing
Rates Reiki sessions are $60 per session.
Phone  503-954-8760

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