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Neurofeedback can help you achieve optimum brain performance no matter what your challenges are. 

We use the NeurOptimal® brain training system that gives your brain information in real time about how it is performing. No matter where you’re starting from, given the right information about itself, every brain can reveal its best. There is no expertise or diagnosis required.

Every person is different but once there has been enough training the brain has “learned”, much like we learn to ride a bike or to read. NeurOptimal® is safe and non-invasive, and can be used at all ages.

Sessions last 33 minutes and can be administered in our office or units can be rented for use in the home.

Andrea Mia is a certified career coach and Jessica has extensive training in massage therapy including neuro-corrective techniques.


Services NeurOptimalⓇ  advanced brain training systems
Rates Single session – $125.00

Purchase 2, get third free: $250

Series of 10 sessions: $1100

Series of 20 sessions: $2000

1 month basic rental: $900

1 month unlimited rental: $1100

Phone 503-420-7580

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