Sarah Clark-Williams, MSCN, Certified Holistic Nutritionist

Sarah Clark-Williams


My nutrition education and training is rooted in a holistic and whole foods approach for each and every person, on an individual level. When it comes to food and health, individuality has been the missing key to success. While we are all similar in that we each have a digestive system, each of us are very different from one another in regards to lifestyle, past experiences, beliefs, etc. This is why we are all unique and what we need to improve quality of life is specific to each of us, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all approach.

My role is to spend time building a relationship with each client in order to best understand that person, their struggles, and what they need to move forward with their goals. I will work with and support the client in discovering how to reach their goals and maintain a healthy lifestyle. To do this, we will identify habits and beliefs that have contributed to the health concerns at hand. We will then work together to shift and recreate habits and beliefs that support the client’s goals.

Changing and shifting habits requires:
– desire
– time
– a positive attitude
– effort

Years of conditioning can make some habits and patterns very difficult to change; this makes patience and kindness towards yourself a must for success.

My role will never include telling a client what they cannot eat, asking a client to do anything against their beliefs, or judging a client for what they believe, eat or do.

My goal is to guide and support anyone who wants to (re)establish a healthy and happy relationship with food and themselves.

Services Nutrition counseling ♦ Lifestyle coaching ♦ Meal prepping and planning ♦ Cooking lessons
Rates Please contact Sarah for Information about rates.
Phone 971-400-3838

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