Teri Jaeger: LMT, Rosen Method Bodywork Intern

Terese Jaeger


Muscular tension or holding is the body’s way of trying to insulate us from feelings and emotions around experiences that were too difficult or painful to process fully at the time they occurred. Over time, the holding becomes unconscious – we forget we are even doing it or why.

Rosen Method contacts and makes people aware of their chronic holding, which in turn allows the holding to release and relax. Energy spent protecting can then go back into living. Rosen Method uses safe, respectful touch and collaborative dialogue to make you aware of how and where you hold tension and restrict breathing. A Rosen Method Bodywork session is typically fifty (50) minutes. It is generally done on a massage table with the client dressed to their comfort level or unclothed except for underwear and appropriately draped for comfort and privacy.

Rosen Method is a fine complement to psychotherapy and medical or alternative health care. It is also a wonderful stand-alone approach for personal growth. It is unsuitable, however, for persons suffering from acute injury or from serious mental disturbances like psychosis or schizophrenia.

Developed by Marion Rosen, a pioneer in the field of mind-body therapies for over 70 years. Rosen Method is offered around the world. I began my Rosen Method journey with Marion Rosen and Jane Malek for personal growth. Eventually, I progressed from being a student to an intern and earned a Massage Therapy license. I also have studied Rosen Method Movement, a fun and easy approach to exercise that complements the shifts that occur with the body during a Rosen Method Bodywork session.

To learn more about Rosen Method, go to www.RosenWest.org

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