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I am a singer-songwriter based in Portland, Oregon. With my first songs written back in 2010, I took time to learn a guitar and booked my first paid musical solo gig in 2015. Originally Russian, I moved to the US in 2011 and started writing songs in both languages.

Singing was the main thing that carried me away since early childhood creating vivid images of me performing on stage and embracing the audience with the voice. The music you’ll hear belongs to indie-folk, singer-songwriter-style genres, filling the room with the intimate, soulful, and profound atmosphere for you to dive in, hang in there, and experience new emotions and vibrations.

Influenced by John Lennon, Lana del Rey, Johny Cash, Frank Sinatra, I pay much attention to the lyrics and melodies. The words naturally and artfully entwine with suitable melodies. At my shows, only one or a few instruments surround the voice to preserve the rawness and awaken one’s inner world.

Currently, I release singles, busy with recording, posting new material to my YouTube channel, and performing live worldwide at public and private events.

Group and private music lessons for adults and children ages 3+:
 voice ♦ guitar ♦ general music/early childhood education ♦ piano ♦ theory ♦ songwriting
Rates Details, schedules, and rates are on our website:
Phone 707-218-4134

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