Lea Ann Quaintance: Lightworker, Spiritual Self Awareness Coach, Reiki Teacher, Channel

Lea Ann Quaintance


You are the Focus.  You are the Goal.

I support those who seek self actualization through spiritually focused self awareness. I offer tools and insights that guide you back to your own wisdom, solidifying the truth that you are inherently worthy and a beautiful soul that we’re lucky to have among us.

When you’re thinking, “I can see my next step in my personal/spiritual growth but I don’t know how to get there from here.”

When you know that there’s nowhere left to go but deeper into yourself.

When you’re trying to tie the mystical into the practical and make it all reflect the Light.

When you’ve done everything internally and externally that you can.

Are you none of these but on a spiritual path? That’s okay. As long as you feel, “I’m ready and willing to try to live my truth…,” then we’ll find inroads.

I am positive, compassionate, endeavor to always treat you the way I want to be treated, and fight to battle my preconceived notions and judgements.  I fall on the BIPOC and Queer scales and I’m glad to work with those who do and do not.  I’m comfortable with life paths that are currently considered non-traditional.  I companion you on your spiritual path; I don’t make you follow my own. I do everything I can to hold you in unconditional positive regard because we all deserve this in every moment.

I have 30 years focused personal growth work experience. I am also a potent and intuitive healer. I’ve been a Reiki practitioner since 1995. I’ve been an LIII Usui Reiki Master/Teacher since 1997 and a Level 1 Healing Touch Practitioner. I hold a certificate in Life Coaching.

I currently hold sessions in office for those who are COVID vaccinated or who are not vaccinated but can show proof of a negative Covid test within 12 hours of each session, online, or in a park to which we mutually agree.  Please note that I cannot guarantee privacy nor that we won’t be interrupted in a public location.

I offer:

One-on-one and couples spiritual self awareness coaching.  Sessions are available both with and without energy work.

For the more Lightwork inclined, help your Soul Break:Through with a life changing four hour session that gives you new tools to embrace and live as your Light.

Reiki Reiju- a Path of Living Light -A Reiki course based not on the care of others but the deepening of  your own energetic personal awareness and self care.

Let me teach you how to harness the many gifts of  the Tree Kingdom’s energy to heal and grow in my class: Heartwood: Healing with Trees.

Energy work for those with physical critical, acute, and terminal illness.  When you need a little more healing energy and a moment of quiet kindness.

I, also, host a Meetup group where we learn and practice playing with Light/Energy. You can also check there for my groups and classes.

Please visit my website, www.OneWholeOne.love, for all my services, groups, classes, and fees.

I look forward to hearing from you and getting to witness your beautiful growth journey.

Services One-on-one and couples spiritual self awareness coaching.  Sessions are available both with and without energy work.
Rates Please visit my website, www.OneWholeOne.love, for my current fee structure. I do offer payment options for those who seek this.
Phone 971-708-1674
Website www.OneWholeOne.love
MeetUp Group www.meetup.com/master-path-be-light-be-yourself

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