Lisa Humphreys: Shamanic Healer, Practitoner

Lisa Humprey


Many people today are longing to reconnect with nature and their own personal helping spirits. Through past traumas and societal beliefs many have given away their power and now feel lost on their life’s path.
Shamanic Energy Medicine embraces working with helping spirits to assist in returning a sense of wholeness and connection again. It is a nature based practice that clears heavy energies and allows people to welcome back lost soul parts, to retrieve lost power and to gain a sense of their true destiny.


For the last seven years Lisa has been walking the Shamanic Path after experiencing her own profound healing following a soul retrieval. So profound was her experience that she began to train in this healing art.
She received her training through The Four Winds Society where she learned to remove intrusive energies, clear past imprints of trauma, clear and balance chakras, perform soul retrieval’s, perform rites for the dead and dying, remove generational curses, and perform destiny retrieval’s.
Lisa trained with Betsy Bergstrom learning to perform compassionate depossessions allowing possessing spirit to move on through gentle and compassionate guidance.
Lisa offers shamanic healing sessions in person or long distance, as well as ceremonies for the community and mentoring. For those who are drawn to walk this spiritual path. Allow yourself to step into what is possible and begin to live authentically.
You are the one you have been waiting for.
Lisa is the founder of Mystic Journeys Energy Healing.


Services Individual shamanic sessions ♦ Clearing of land and  buildings ♦ Shamanic mentoring, ceremonies
Rates Please contact Lisa for Information about rates.
Phone 503-807-3904

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