Ryan Washington, Emotional Resilience Coach, Reiki Master

Ryan Washington


“ I help people balance their mind, body, spirit and become an example of change by shifting their beliefs and getting clear on their desires.”

Ryan Washington, an Emotional Resilience Coach and Reiki Master who specializes in alternative healing, trauma- informed coaching, breathwork and personal development. Ryan helps people step into their passion by transforming habits, both in thought and action, into patterns that nurture, heal and empower. Ryan’s life mission is to impact 1 million people by creating an experience that shifts their perspective to create a more supportive mental space and become the change they wish to see in the world.

List of services: 

Breathwork: Learn the power of the breathwork and deepen your meditation practice. Each session begins with movement, and grounding practice. We then begin the practice of focused awareness, leading into breathwork exercises to reduce stress, anxiety, and non-supportive thoughts/ emotions. After each session, you can expect to feel light, clear, relaxed, confident, and balanced.

Energetic Breathwork Release:In these sessions, breathwork and Reiki are combined to provide you with a deeper level of clarity, healing, and release of emotional energy in the body. By working with the Reiki and the chakras, Ryan helps you connect deeply with your body to notice where you might be out of alignment energetically. Through conscious breathing and felt sensation, you will release whatever is holding you back, and slowing down the energy in specific chakra regions.

Emotional Resilience Coaching: You will be guided through a 120 minute session using Emotional Resilience Coaching and Energetic Breathwork Release. This guided session will include bringing awareness to limiting beliefs that have held you back. We will identify where in the body you have been holding these beliefs and work through them by bringing attention and acceptance to the felt sensation.

Through this process you will release trauma associated with these beliefs by getting to the roots, and create a new affirmation tied to this old limiting belief.

Energetic Breathwork Release is a technique used to move trapped emotions in the body that have shown up in life as trauma. EBR does this through deep breathing, trigger response, and affirmation creation.

You can expect clarity, self worth, better sleep, positive outlook on life, energetic balance, anxiety and depression relief, and trauma release. At

the end of your session you will feel, grounded, more open, alive, creative, and ready to take actions for the new version of you.

Services Breathwork ♦ Energetic Breathwork Release ♦ Emotional Resilience Coaching
Rates Please visit the page, consciousconnectionacademyscheduling.as.me, for our current fee structure.
Phone 615-972-9457
Website consciousconnectionacademy.com
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