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Steve Stephens


For me it has been a challenge to sit still ever since I was a child. As I developed and gained life experiences, my mind soon outpaced my body. My thoughts became so fast, that being at peace without thoughts of the past, worries, or concerns of the future, were borderline impossible unless I was highly active or asleep. I spent 6 years as an active-duty Army Sergeant Medic with tours in Iraq and Kenya where being present and mindful but also emotionally disassociated was just one of my routine challenges. Today, even everyday things like my phone can be a crutch and a distraction from me making the decision to be present in the here and now.

So, many people believe I created and developed the Clyfit practice out of my own necessity, and you know what… They are right! A voyage like this point’s only to true North. ADHD, PTSD, Trauma, Neuropathy, and so many other layers of self are all a part of my makeup. It’s not a bad thing, but a thing, nonetheless. 

Clyfit is rooted into your senses of sight, sound, and touch. What you will hear, what you will use for movement, and what you will stand on are all the very first of its kind. Not only is Clyfit a one-of-a-kind practice and exercise, it will leave you feeling better, renewed, and stronger in mind and body. More importantly, you will walk away with a new, invigorating EXPERIENCE that you will want to recapture again and again. That is what I envisioned almost four years ago, and hope I can share with you today: A totally new, totally positive way for people to “Pause your mind and take a voyage” ®.

Creator and Visionary,

Steve Stephens

Services Cly Fit: Active Mindfulness® Classes
Rates $10 per class
Phone 503-277-0281

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