Energy Healing for Pets

June 15, 2019 @ 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
$20 pre-register only, includes person and one dog. 

Meditation with dogsBYOD = Bring Your Own Dog!

How does Pranic Healing work so well in so many areas your pet’s life, you may ask? Because everything is energy! Your pet has a physical body and an energy body … and you can help accelerate your pet’s self-healing ability with these simple techniques!

Part 1: Prana Energy Awareness
We have all heard of chi or prana. But how many of us have touched it and seen it? Probably, never. The first part of our class we will focus on learning how to sense the energy. Be prepared to be amazed.

Part 2: Becoming a Healer

You will be introduced to energy anatomy and such as the auric field, the major chakras and meridians. All attendees will perform their first successful healing to remove aches and pains and aches of the demo dogs. You don’t have to feel or see energy to have these techniques work!
$20 pre-register only, includes person and one dog.  Please bring a comfortable bed for your dog to relax on.  Cats best left home, please.  You don’t need an animal to attend.
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