CoWorking Space for Health & Wellness Practitioners

Sage Center is a membership based, Holistic Health community of Health & Wellness Practitioners.

  • For the consumer, the Sage Center is a one stop shop  Health & Wellness emporium.  Local Portland and Beaverton residents have access to nearly 40 Traditional & Alternative Health specialists, working in over 20 healing modalities.
  • For alternative health experts, Sage Center provides a professional yet  home-like environment in which they can cultivate and grow independent healing practices.
  • Sage Center’s flexible, one of a kind model, from renting ‘by the hour’ to subleasing a dedicated office full time, makes its services affordable and easy to access.
  • Sage Center and its member practitioners offer the greater Portland area the very best in Naturopathic medicine, Massage, Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Counseling services, Family Therapy, Thai Chi, Yoga and meditation.



Space Rental

Are you looking for someone who can help you with your particular health challenge or self-improvement project? The Sage Center has practitioners of both traditional and alternative modalities that are available to help. Are you a practitioner looking for a professional space to see clients that has little or no overhead? Look no further! At the Sage Center you can start renting by the hour and grow your practice to a full time sublease!

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