Dr. Renee Woods Harrison, M.D.

Dr. Renee Woods


Dr. Woods Harrison has been in medical practice for 25 years. Having received traditional medical training at institutions long ranked in the top 10 in the nation, she has been in personal pursuit of training in functional, integrative and anti-aging medicine for 15 years. Understanding that the whole person consists of body, mind and spirit with unique individual needs, she has developed a special interest and expertise in women’s health, auto immune thyroid issues, hormone balancing and heart health and stroke prevention. She genuinely enjoys her patients and the strong relationships they create together.

The special emphasis of Dr.Woods Harrison’s practice includes auto immune thyroid disorders and hormone balancing, including sex hormones as well as thyroid, adrenal, insulin related and other hormones. Additionally Dr. Woods Harrison practices heart attack and stroke prevention following the Bale-Doneen method. This method seeks out markers of dysfunction in the arteries, with a mind toward identifying root causes and restoration prior to there being any markers of heart or brain damage, with a true mind for prevention.

Services Functional medicine ♦ Integrative medicine ♦ Anti-aging medicine ♦ Auto-immune Thyroid ♦ Hormone Balancing ♦ The Bale-Doneen Method for Heart Attack and Stroke Prevention
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