Jen Worth, Reiki and BodyTalk Practitioner

Jen Worth


Jen has been a Reiki and BodyTalk practitioner for more than 15 years.  She provides powerful healing sessions with very gentle integration for people of all ages.

Sessions are completely customized for you, tapping into your body’s own innate healing wisdom.  Sessions quickly get to the root cause of blocks and imbalances on all levels to create lasting change and deep healing at the cellular level.

Jen was led to these two energy healing modalities to help her through her own healing process and was very quickly guided to learn them and apply them for her own family.  It is her joy and honor to be part of your healing journey and it shines through brightly in her sessions.

Distance sessions are also available.  These sessions are equally powerful and deeply healing.  Distance sessions can be booked via

Please feel free to call me with any  questions.


Services Reiki/BodyTalk Sessions
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