Thea Strom, Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, and teacher

Psychic Medium and Animal Communicator


Thea Strom is a Psychic Medium, Animal Communicator, and teacher.

She has been doing this work professionally since 2013, both locally and internationally. Thea also collaborates regularly with local organizations such as humane societies, and with other mediums to create low-cost events for the community and for charities.

In addition to doing readings, she has years of experience teaching and mentoring people in developing their own abilities. She is passionate about bringing out the intuitive in anyone, in a grounded and practical way.

Ever since she was little, Thea has been sensitive to the energy of others, beyond just the physical. While she was always deeply interested in the spiritual and metaphysical, she didn’t understand the effect her energy-sensitivity had on her until her late teens, when severe symptoms began to surface as a result of not dealing with her abilities properly. On her own path to fully healing, Thea’s innate psychic gifts blossomed and she began to receive visits from random spirits. These experiences, while frightening at the time, prompted her to learn everything she could about using her abilities to help others. Thus, she was propelled forward on her path as a medium and animal communicator, a path that now fills her with immense joy. One of her passions is to teach others how to develop their own abilities, connecting them to Spirit and animals around them.

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