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Lyn Birmingham


Today we are missing the deep spiritual connection with our Helping Spirits and Mother Earth which has sustained earlier societies. We have lost much of ourselves and given our power away to the point that we no longer know who we are and feel fearful and un-centered. Through many years of training by shamans from all over the world, my work is about sharing the tools and healing techniques that restore body and soul, ground us, and bring us back into alignment with our true Self.

I bring over 30 years of teaching and healing to my shamanic practice. Some of these offerings include:
• the return of life force lost through trauma
• assisting those in the death or dying process
• removal of intrusions (harmful thought forms) through extraction healing
• offering ceremonies for life transitions and passages
• leading group retreats of self discovery and healing
• individual journey sessions for personal growth
• teaching classes on shamanic healing techniques

As the founder of the Spirit Moon Shamanic Community in Dallas, TX and Hillsboro, OR., my goal is to share the ancient healing traditions of my ancestors and teachers to those at each stage of life in a way that speaks to us in our contemporary world.

I am on staff at Sacred Light Academy in Hillsboro, Oregon. My training is in core shamanism and includes an 8 year personal apprenticeship with my Cherokee medicine teacher, training through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Celtic shaman, Kristin Madden, and with Nepalese shaman, Bhola Banstola. My heritage is Celtic and Cherokee. I have a BFA in fine art.

It is time to come home. To Ourselves and to Mother Earth.

Services Individual shamanic sessions ♦ Classes on shamanic healing techniques ♦ Group retreats of self discovery and healing
Rates Contact Lyn Birmingham for rate information.
Phone 971-330-4891
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